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Tree Planting Campaign - 2016, Savli G.I.D.C.

On Date: 05 June 2016





Yogi Divine Society and Savli G.I.D.C. Industries Association had jointly resolved on Sunday, the 5th June 2016 in G.I.D.C. Savli, Zilla Vadodara to plant 1 lack trees in G.I.D.C. Savli and its surrounding areas as a part of mega tree plantation campaign. In this program, the elderly saints from the institution like P. Shashtriswami, P. Harisaurabhswami and active volunteer Sri Sameerbhai Thakkar, the officers from Govt.’s industries and pollution control departments, office bearers from G.I.D.C. Industries Association and the owners and volunteers from industries there also remained present on this occasion.

In the beginning of the program, the saints and other dignitaries were welcomed by garlanding and giving bouquets to them when, P. Shashtriswami had described the importance of planting trees and called upon and encouraged all to look after them.

The govt. officer, controlling all G.I.D.C. of Vadodara Zilla present on this occasion, had highly praised the members of Yogi Divine Society and those of Savli G.I.D.C. Industries Association and said that, when the industrials units pollute air, water, trees and the natural resources, it is really highly appreciable to note that, understanding and accepting their duty towards the society, the owners of industries in Savli G.I.D.C. areas have resolved to plant 1 lac trees and if, all the industrial units cooperate like this in the preservation of climate, the problem of pollution can be reduced to a great extent.

By planting the 1st tree under this campaign, P. Shashtriswami had started the movement followed by planting trees by other dignitaries. In future 1 lac trees are going to be planted on both the sides of the roads of G.I.D.C. and outside the factories, reared and looked after in which, Yogi Divine Society is also going to extend its full cooperation.

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